Grupo Tavares was born in the 80’s with an innovative and dynamic attitude. At present it is a group of companies with a sustained growth that has shown his strong capacity of answering the requirements of the market.

Over the years Grupo Tavares has built a solid path marked by quality, excellence and differentiation in the sector.
The Administration follows a strategy of individual valorisation of its companies around a goal: reinforce a strong position next to its customers as a partner in providing specialized services, complementing the construction and public contracts market.


Improve and innovate, continuously, with the objective of exceeding customers' expectations, by responding early to their needs, aiming at their total satisfaction and loyalty.
At the same time, we ensure business growth through organic consolidation and acquisitions, the efficient management of resources (materials and human resources), constant commitment to the valuation of our employees and the creation of an integrated and winning network with our partners.


In the future

For the future, we believe in continually improving our organization to achieve excellence. We want to go further. We want to continue to provide the best and most innovative solutions to our customers and partners in order to contribute to the development of our region.

We rely fundamentally on people, because the future will be done by, with and for people. That's why we choose and rely on the best.
The collective memory of the crucial moments of our history must be preserved because we have to remember our past to better prepare our future.


We are constantly developing new products and services, aiming to provide the best solutions to the challenges presented by the market. For this, we rely on highly qualified professionals and of great technical range.
Because what we do well, we intend to do better, we bet on the quality of our products and services on a daily basis, with the goal to achieve the following vectors:


  • Customers satisfaction, through strict compliance with the requirements agreed and the overcoming of their expectations;
  • Product Quality and Safety, ensuring strict compliance with the legal constraints, as well as the quality system;
  • Agility in customer responsiveness, ensuring deadlines and immediate needs;
  • Commitment and involvement of our employees, ensuring a quality service and full cooperation;
  • Bet on the contribution to the growth of Grupo Tavares, as a result of an effective management system.


First and foremost is the safety of our employees. In all our activities, we work to reduce the risk of people and property. For this, Grupo Tavares invests in modern security equipment and in the qualification of its Human Resources.


Knowing how to take care of the environment that surrounds us, is to contribute to the sustainability of our business. In this sense, the management of Grupo Tavares seeks to always safeguard the environmental impacts of its activity and improve the efficiency of the resources it uses. One of the greatest examples has been the investment in the renovation of its logistics fleet, with the acquisition of new equipment, environmentally more efficient.



Integrated into the region, Grupo Tavares seeks to contribute for the local development and for the quality of life of its employees and their families. Whenever possible, we support social, cultural and sports initiatives, paying attention to the young.