M MILENARES has a wide range of products that can be supplied in bulk, in Big-Bag, or packed in 25kg bags.

0/1 SandRip Rap (63/180)
0/4 SandStone Dust (0/4)
0/2 Sand LT-JPebble NS (for rural paths)*
0/2 Sand Without Sieving LT-K*Black sieved soilTN*
Sieved Sand 0/4 NS*Black Soil*
Gravel nº1 (6,3/12,5)Tout-venant – AGE 1ª (0/31,5)
Gravel nº2 (10/20)Tout-venant – ABGE 2ª
Gravel nº3 (16/31,5)Tout-venant 0/31,5
Gravel nº4 (31,5/63)Tout-venant 0/40
Rolled Pebble 8/16Tout-venant Mix 0/31,5
Rolled Pebble 16/22 
Rolled Pebble Godo 25/40 
(Extra Gravel 3) 

Note: * Products outside the scope of CE marking.


Production Centers

M MILENARES has production centers in Gafanha da Nazaré, Águeda and Oliveira do Bairro. Partnerships with other holdings make it possible to present a broad range of products.


M MILENARES certified its entire Quality Management System, as well as invested in the certification of all its products in the respective CE marking standards.

The company has its own laboratory to carry out quality control tests on the aggregates produced. The tests of the materials are carried out by technicians duly qualified, fulfilling all the normative references.


Main product applications

  • Concrete Production
  • Production concrete articles production
  • Mortars
  • Construction
  • Cash Filling

Customer Characterization

  • Concrete plants
  • Construction and public contractors
    • Builders
    • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Manufacturing industry
    • Concrete products
    • Concrete products

CE Marking products

Concrete Aggregates
Bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airports and other areas of circulation aggregates
Mortars Aggregates
Aggregates for materials not bound or treated with hydraulic binders used in civil engineering and road construction.




M MILENARES provides recycled aggregates with CE marking to its Customers. These products are the result of controlled production processes involving control of the materials origin, sorting, fragmentation and control of the products’ final characteristics in accordance with the requirements of CE marking.



The final products are stocked in batches according to their characteristics.

Recycled aggregates are being used as feedstock for:

  • Industrial production of coating materials;
  • Use as material for sub-layer filling.
  • Use as a material for filling superficial layers.

Recycled Agreggates Types:

Tout-venant 0/31,5 CETout-venant 0/40 CETout-venant Mix 0/31,5 CE

Use of recycled Tout-venant

This product is a substitute for quarry aggregates and ensures the most demanding quality requirements to apply on site.

The most common use is:

  • Floor beds, namely sub-base and floor bases
  • Filling layer

At present, there are already many examples of different applications carried out by the Customers of M MILENARES, namely:

  • Public pavement;
  • Streets;
  • Houses;