M MILENARES provides recycled aggregates with CE marking to its Customers. These products are the result of controlled production processes involving control of the materials origin, sorting, fragmentation and control of the final characteristics of the product in accordance with the requirements of the CE marking.


The final products are stocked in batches according to their characteristics.

Recycled aggregates are being used as feedstock for:

  • Industrial production of coating materials;
  • Use as material for sub-layer filling.
  • Use as a material for filling superficial layers.

Types of recycled aggregates

Tout-venant 0/31,5 CETout-venant 0/40 CETout-venant Mix 0/31,5 CE

Use of recycled Tout-venant

This product is a substitute for quarry aggregates and ensures the most demanding quality requirements to apply on site.

The most common use is:

  • Floor beds, namely sub-base and floor bases
  • Filling layer

At present, there are already many examples of different applications carried out by the Customers of M MILENARES, namely:

  • Public pavement;
  • Streets;
  • Houses.